Meet Our Trainers

 Bill Hill

Bill Hill

Personal Trainer AAPTE C.P.F.T.— H.F.I.

Bill holds a dual certification from both the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education and Hofstra University College for Continuing Education. A member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

Coached and condition trained athletes for over 18 years. Trained long distance runners (Was a sub-3hr. marathoner) Coached Saugerties SAA Biddy and Junior League Basketball Designed and directed several small group personal training programs for IXL.

● Band2Gether: Fitness for men and women
● JumpSchool: Improving young athlete’s fitness levels
● CoreForce: An advanced resistance training program designed specifically for women
● WindJammers Express & Steel Fit: Cycling with a twist- open to men and women 55 years and older
●TeamFit Academy: kids 12-14

Bill’s personal credo: There is a definite art to building a fit body. His vision is to instill confidence and pride in people.

● BFA and MFA from NYC School of Visual Arts
● Hofstra University College for Continuing Education
●Graphic Designer
●Assistant Art Director for the Magazine Sports Illustrated

● Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Objective: Design a program that creates balance,stability and core strength
Vision: Instill confidence and pride

 Milly Slater

Milly Slater

Personal Trainer

Milly Slater is a World Instructor Training Schools (WITS) Certified Personal Trainer and an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Milly was always a fit person and an avid ballet student for more than 15 years. Then she went through a time in her life where she struggled with weight after pregnancy. Her determination and efforts helped her reach her goal of losing the weight and now it is her passion to help people achieve their own fitness goals.

● WITS Certified Personal Trainer
● AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

 Ed Kompass

Ed Kompass

Personal Trainer

Ed Kompass is a WITS Certified Personal Trainer and a WITS Certified Older Adult Fitness Specialist. He has been a trainer for 16 years. He also has 11 years experience as a co-owner/operator of a full service fitness facility in Red Hook, NY.

Ed has an established track record training older adults with a wide range of health concerns. He is a master teacher /communicator having taught at both High School and college levels.

Objective: Assist and Encourage adults to exercise on a regular basis thus improving overall health and quality of life.

● WITS Certified Personal Fitness Trainer/ Certified Older Adult Fitness Specialist
● Master of Science: Psychological counseling, Long Island University
● NYS teaching certification
● Ropes Course Instructor: Project Adventure

Credentials: Certified Personal Trainers, WITS: Certified Older Adult Fitness Specialist, WITS: CPR Certified, American Heart Associate: Higher Education: M.S., Long Island University 1977

Professional Skills: 20 years experience including 11 as owner/operator of full service fitness facility: master teacher/communicator having taught at both high school and college levels, established track record training older adults with a wide range of health concerns, creative and adaptable approach to working with clients.

Recreational Interests: Life long enthusiasm for out door activities: Nordic skiing, white water kayaking/canoeing/rafting, in-line skating, boogie boarding, bicycling, skin diving, former masters track & field competitor/distance runner.

Serena Wehr

Personal Trainer

Serena took her first fitness class back in 1985 and she has been hooked ever since. Never one to enjoy competitive sports, she gravitated toward a gym environment--loving the weight training and aerobics. She made regular physical activity part of her lifestyle and since has been exercising on a regular basis.

Serena became a member of IXL back in 2005 and became a certified personal trainer in February 2006. IXL offered a certification through AFAA and she immediately signed up. Knowing that as a personal trainer, she could share her passion for physical fitness with others. In 2013 she made the decision to join the IXL team of Certified Personal Trainers.

Serena enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities. By designing an efficient and enjoyable personalized program, she will help you make your fitness goals a reality.

Zack P.

Zack P.

Personal Trainer


● Background in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Behavior change and certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

A brief description as to why you got into training and what you do in your own life:

● The reason I first got into training was to find a positive outlet to cope. After my older sister passed away when I was 12, I was truly lost and hopeless. Fitness acted as a form of therapy while positively impacting my life. I loved it the moment I stepped foot into the gym in 2009. I quickly gained a curiosity on how I would be able to share the impact fitness had on my life, with others, to positively impact theirs. I found myself reading, researching, studying and experimenting in various ways to gain the knowledge and insight to do so. Fitness has become more than just the “gym” for me, it has become a way of life.

How you train/what you offer your training clients:

● There are various ways I go about setting up a program for someone, which is totally dependent on their needs, goals, and current physical abilities. We will take time to identify your goals; hobbies, current lifestyle and physical state, as well as assess postures through various movements to identify any muscle imbalances that will help in allowing us realign your current posture into a more efficient and effective state. Simultaneously, creating a plan aligned with current abilities and goals that will systematically progress as needed. My goal as your trainer is not only to assist in the reaching of your goals but to provide you with the knowledge for long term success.

● As a fitness, wellness, and meditation enthusiast, I’ve found that fitness is more than lifting weights or countless hours on cardio equipment. It's about increasing the quality of one's life! The equipment in the gym are tools to do so and we will utilize these tools to have fun, crush your goals and set you up for long term success.

Ethan Rowe

Ethan Rowe


Education/Cert: ACE CPT, ACE Functional Fitness, NYS Firefighter 1, US Army Combatives, US Army Combat Lifesaver, CPR AED

Brief Background: I started my interest into the training field after my early fitness journey at the age of 16 when i lost 70lbs to join the US Army. I would eventually pursue this just before my first deployment and would continue this after I transitioned out of the Army. I spend much of my time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and camping with some rock climbing and skydiving on occasions.

How Do I Train My Clients and What Do I Offer: I train a wide range of people for their own personal goals, whether that is weight loss, strength training, muscle gain or speed and endurance. I train with a purpose in mind for my clients so a structured schedule is important for their transformation. I use a variety of calisthenics, weight training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running and rowing techniques to tailor make their program and help achieve their goals. The training doesn't stop with the workout, to help my clients make better choices and ensure they’re getting proper nutrition I use food journals so they can stay accountable both inside and outside of the gym.

Fitness is a part of a healthy way of life, that lifestyle starts with one good decision.

Santo Harris

Santo Harris


Santo’s life long commitment to fitness guided him to become a Personal Trainer. “Becoming a Personal Trainer gives me the opportunity to share my passion, and experience with others”. Every one of my clients goals are my mission!”

With a passion for Bodybuilding Santo competes in the NPC (National Physique Committee) and has placed first in several of his division/class’s. He also placed to qualify in Nationals. He continues to compete as his goal is to become an IFBB Pro.

● NCSF Personal Trainer (National Council on Strength + Fitness)
● CPR/ AED (American Heart Association)
● NYS Security Guard Advisory Council

Education Background
● Criminal Justice

Interests + Achievements
● Nationally Qualified Men’s Physique Competitor (NPC) 2015-Present
● Men’s Physique Competitor (OCB) 2015-2017
● Boxing

● Improving muscular strength and size
● Muscle toning
● Weight loss
● Working with people of all ages and fitness levels

My Moto
● “Keep Striving “