Ethan Rowe


Education/Cert: ACE CPT, ACE Functional Fitness, NYS Firefighter 1, US Army Combatives, US Army Combat Lifesaver, CPR AED

Brief Background: I started my interest into the training field after my early fitness journey at the age of 16 when i lost 70lbs to join the US Army. I would eventually pursue this just before my first deployment and would continue this after I transitioned out of the Army. I spend much of my time outdoors hiking, kayaking, and camping with some rock climbing and skydiving on occasions.

How Do I Train My Clients and What Do I Offer: I train a wide range of people for their own personal goals, whether that is weight loss, strength training, muscle gain or speed and endurance. I train with a purpose in mind for my clients so a structured schedule is important for their transformation. I use a variety of calisthenics, weight training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, running and rowing techniques to tailor make their program and help achieve their goals. The training doesn't stop with the workout, to help my clients make better choices and ensure they're getting proper nutrition I use food journals so they can stay accountable both inside and outside of the gym.

Fitness is a part of a healthy way of life, that lifestyle starts with one good decision.