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Weight Loss

Weight loss offers a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental health.

Health and Wellness

Improved health and wellness can lead to a more balanced lifestyle, positively impacting overall energy.


Performance training improves physical performance in sports, athletic activities, overall fitness and body composition.

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness training improves your ability to perform everyday physical activities more efficiently and enjoyably.

Fun, Fitness Lifestyle

IXL Health and Fitness provides the Facilities, Programs and Coaching to achieve your best YOU.

What do I do NOW ? Our team of Personal Trainers, Instructors and Member Service Staff are dedicated to providing the knowledge, motivation, and coaching to answer that question and build your plan for success. We will improve your physical fitness, help manage your weight and enhance your fitness lifestyle.

Personal Training

Group Exercise

Fitness Lifestyle

Three steps to a Fun, Fitness Lifestyle:


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Join a bunch of friends on the same trip. Let our instructors make your journey fun and exciting with a variety of classes to make you sweat and smile the whole way.

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