Our Story

More than your Hometown Fitness Center

IXL Health and Fitness Club got its start in a small, rented space in Red Hook NY in 1994. This hometown fitness center was more than just a building filled with exercise equipment; it was becoming a symbol of health, transformation, and well-being. Founded, owned and operated by lifelong resident and US Marine Veteran, Ed Kreuscher, IXL was a welcoming space that attracted people of all ages and backgrounds. Due to a commitment to cleanliness and member service, IXL’s membership quickly grew out of its humble beginnings.

A contractor by trade, Ed purchased property central to the communities of Northern Dutchess County with easy access to Ulster County and began building a new, bigger facility for the members of this hometown club. In 1998, the spacious new facility in Rhinebeck opened its doors.

Full of the latest equipment, challenging group classes, professional staff and complete with large windows that flooded the space with natural light, giving it a refreshing and inviting atmosphere, IXL was a facility built for all to enjoy. Remaining true to the values of personal training, excellent instruction, member service, unparalleled facility maintenance and updating, the growth of this hometown brand of fitness service grew to a second location in Saugerties by 2007.

Today, Both IXL locations continue to keep pace with the latest health and wellness innovations but what sets them apart from all the others, has been the commitment to fostering a sense of belonging among its members. The dedicated team at IXL ensures that every individual who walks through the gym’s doors feels valued and supported on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

And so, the story of IXL Health and Fitness Club serves as a testament to the power of a hometown fitness center that went beyond just exercise. It was a place that inspired personal growth, and proved that with determination and a supportive environment, anyone could rewrite their story and embrace a healthier, happier life.

Fitness for Every Body.

Whether this is your first membership or your latest club, we believe the search for your goal ends here.